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A Lady of Cesair

has a bold, striking, and unforgettable style that love silhouettes that fit here figure. She experiments with pieces to achieve the most unique, luxurious and beautiful looks as she welcomes color, unique prints, and stunning details. She isn’t boring nor dull, you can find her on any day with embellishments, metallics, beading and other technique that makes a garment look special and high end.

She's a Young Professional

who loves to stand out. Boardrooms, business meetings, parties, outings with friends & family and societal events are a huge part of her life.

Because of this, Style is important to her.  She always needs to look her best to command the spotlight and empower her to close those deals.

She's a Mature Socialite

Like her younger counterpart, she too loves to stand out. But instead of club and party nights, she frequently attends fundraisers, high society functions, business lunches and dinners, red-carpet, charity events and family functions and event.

Still running her business, she leaves the daily grinding to her younger prodigies. While she spends more time with the people that matters and influencing change in the world. She always craves those unique pieces that fits her body impeccably from Cesair.

"what I say is What I mean"

Ideas of a Lady of Cesair

Understand the Ideas  & Core Values of a Lady. For it is more than just the look. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle.

"If I'm confident, I'm sexy."