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A Cesair's Gentleman

is a male who holds himself to high standards. Not a person easily to conform, he stays true to himself. Expressing himself through clothing with the appreciation of colors, unique prints and styles. He is independent and well-mannered who is unafraid of competition. He is a person who accepts challenges and welcomes diversity. With an open mind he see the world in color and many expressions. He except people for who they are and sees everyone as his equal. When he does business he does it with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Never looking to get over on anyone. He works hard and plans smart with everything that he does. All while wearing Cesair.

He's Well Traveled

Been to many countries and experienced many places. He is a custom to diversity and appreciate the different ways of practices and mind-set of the different cultures.

As a gentleman, he makes it his duty to learn a bit of each language he visits, to conduct himself as a guest in their land and to dress accordingly in Cesair.

He's Self Sufficient

Being taught to take care of himself, he needs no outside help in satisfying his basic needs. He is a man of knowledge and skills, knowing how to garden, cook, clean, sew, build things, change a tire and much more.

He never stop learning new skills to improve his self-sufficiency in the world.

"what I say is What I mean"

Cesair's Rules of a Gentleman

Understand the Core Values &Duties of a Gentleman. For Being a Gentleman isn’t just a title it’s a lifestyle.

"Confidence doesn't equal arrogance."